My Story

My name is Tony Venckeleer! I’m 65 years old, happily married with 3 kids and 4 grand-kids. I’ve been a Geriatric Physical Therapist for 36 years. During that time I’ve worked with a variety of patients who suffered deep depression for a variety of reasons.

I could completely relate to what they were going through as I myself had been fighting and losing a life-long battle with depression. I became suicidal, was hospitalized twice, put on a long list of drugs and spent many years, and a lot of money seeking help from Psychiatrists.

Nothing I tried seemed to work and the drugs that were prescribed for me had too many side effects which left me even more depressed. There were days when I simply didn’t want to even get out of bed. I would just lay there, in my darkened room, curled in fetal position just praying and hoping to die so the pain would finally be over.

After months of research I discovered a product called ProVanax™ which offered an all natural approach to the problem of depression. Shortly after taking it, could I feel the bonds of my depression melting away. I felt so good that I almost felt euphoric!

I discovered that one of the other keys to beating depression is to provide service to others. In keeping with this philosophy, I donate 10 percent of the profit from ProVanax revenue to “Amor”, a charitable organization that does humanitarian work in Peru where 4.9 million people live on less than $1 per day. You are an important part of that continued service.